What We Do

We value doing things with purpose.

We value youth input and leadership.

We value accurate and up to date data to help drive the direction of our efforts.

We value trauma-informed practices.

We value community support and voices.

We value connection.

What is Prevention?

Prevention is so much more than just stopping something from happening. Prevention means that you are trying to affect the way people think, feel, and act about a certain behavior. It is the opportunity to use upstream thinking to make environmental changes that reduce the risk factors that contribute to unhealthy behaviors and increase the factors that protect us from it. With support from the community, we can introduce prevention strategies that can be everlasting.

Community Support

In order to make those everlasting environmental changes we need to hear from the community. To ensure we are hearing diverse voices, we work with at least 12 different sector representations to bring their perspectives to the table. This allows us to choose strategies that work best for everyone.

We Need you

Join us in our efforts by giving input on perspectives you feel strongly about, attend our monthly coalition meetings, attend community events and trainings put on my La Center United, and most importantly, get involved in your community.

Donate to La Center United

Donate to La Center United