Find Your Good

The campaign aims to promote healthy activities and positive interactions between youth, to help youth recognize there are other choices than using substances.

This toolkit is part of our Youth Now initiative and materials are available to download at the Youth Now website.

You Can

Choose You. Tips and ideas on how to handle stress, have substance free fun, make healthy choices, and more.

Truth Initiative

Truth Initiative aims to have all youth and young adults reject tobacco through education, tobacco control research and policy studies, and community activism and engagement.

Secure Your Cannabis

Out of reach, out of sight, labeled right and sealed up tight. Securing your cannabis keeps small children and teens safe from accidental ingestion and protects your investment.

Locks Save Lives

YOU can save a life by locking up your prescription medications

Know This About Cannabis.

Know This About Cannabis aims to educate adults, 21 years and older, about the risks, rules, and responsibilities around retail, non-medical, cannabis use. The campaign provides answers to frequently asked questions and addresses a wide range of issues, including state laws, health impacts, safe storage, traffic safety, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and secondhand smoke.

Donate to La Center United

Donate to La Center United